Jason Edward Lutcavage

Kansas City, MO 64123

Arrested and Jailed for 10 days - for assaulting a female in San Diego, California

Jason Lutcavage, self-proclaimed 'internet troll', proudly boasts he runs the Just The Tip Of The Spear "JTTOTS" and POG Boot Fucks "PBF" hate-groups online.  

"Just the tip, of the spear [and] POG Boot Fucks"propagate harmful stereotypes that all women in the military are sluts, and that they only achieve rank through performing sex acts. They also serve as a forum for so-called jokes about rape, race, and homophobia.

Excerpts from these hate groups:

"Roses are red, violets are blue, be my fucking Valentine, or I’ll rape you,” 

“Who wants to see nudes of this ugly cunt that got PBF shut down?” the caption read. 

"POG Boot Fucks recently posted a photo of a young African American Marine posing with his white girlfriend. He was missing a ribbon on his uniform, but Andrew Byers saw a bigger issue with the photo. “Dishonorable mudshark,” he wrote in the comments."

"“Take off my uniform you fucken faggot nigger,” he wrote to the young man, a civilian, who didn’t look more than 18 years old."


Source:  http://taskandpurpose.com/sexist-facebook-movement-marine-corps-cant-stop/



Disturbing messages from Jason Lutcavage admitting to doing crack, meth, and threatening blackmail with revenge porn




























































Source:  https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=410976712595489&id=100010494906741

"His name is Jason E. Lutcavage. He’s refusing to take down a suggestive photo of my friend that was posted to a Facebook page he is an admin of. She is being threatened with rape and other forms of violence. She’s being attacked by his followers and being called an attention whore and a slut. He was in the Marines (LCpl, 3/2 2d MarDiv). He’s the kind of piece of shit I’m talking about that made my military service unbearable. He is proud of the fact that he can sexually harass women and get away with it. He seems to get off on posting photos of women without their consent along with their personal information. How do you like it now, buddy? "

Source:  http://commiekinkshamer.tumblr.com/post/115974944564/liciawilde-this-gross-white-boy-is-harassing-one

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